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Tender Type NA
Department AMM, HRY & H.P.
Tender Ref no CRFQ 1000129161
Date Available From Date Available To Timings
15-Nov-2010 30-Nov-2010 3PM - 1PM on 30-Nov-2010 upto 2PM
Date floated on Date opening on Submission date
15-Nov-2010 30-Nov-2010 30-Nov-2010
REQUEST FOR QUOTATION CRFQ -1000129161 Annexure I - Preamble 1. Quotations are invited IN TWO PART BIDS from all vendors registered with BPCL, with keenness to work in the state of Haryana. Please quote your best rates. 2. Vendors who have been “Black listed” or have currently been put on “Holiday List”, by virtue of unsatisfactory performance, by any office of BPCL, are not eligible to quote for this tender. Quotations received fromsuch vendors, shall be rejected. 3. SERVICE TAX shall be payable extra as per prevalent norms. 4. The tender document has been created vide BPCL SAP Collective RFQ no. 1000129161. To ensure equal opportunity for all & to demonstrate transparency in our systems, this document has been uploaded on the BPCL website , and is accessible from the tenders section, under the category AMM, HRY & H.P. Request for the document, or any clarifications can also be made by e-mail addressed to or 5. The tender document has also been uploaded on the BPCL E-Procurement web site Interested tenderers have to obtain digital signing certificate from any suitable certifying agency, or use the Digital Signing Certificate Application forms enclosed with this tender document and apply for the same as prescribed in the pertinent annexure. 6. Using the digital signing certificate, vendors have to download the entire document and thoroughly go through the same. All documents required for the Pre-qualification Bid, have to be uploaded on the appropriate place in the E-Procurement web site. After uploading the Prequalification Bid documents & the digitally signing the declarations, tenderers have to place their price bids as well on the E-Procurement portal & encrypt the same with their digital signatures. 7. All the bids shall be evaluated from the inputs made by the tenderers on the E-Procurement portal. Hard copies of the bids need not be submitted to this office, since hard copies shall not be considered for evaluation. 8. The tender document shall also be available at this office in the form of a CD, and can be obtained on request on any working day, during normal working hours.Hard copies of the document shall not be distributed by this office.To further publicise this tender, this office shall spread the communication to all registered vendors, through Construction Group Engineers in BPCL Retail North. 9. To witness the tender opening, we request all tenderers to be present in this office, at the address as mentioned above.It is understood that the tenderers have thoroughly gone through the entire information placed in the tender enquiry & are committed to abide by the same. The tender opening shall also be available on the E-Procurement portal. 10. This is a 2 Bid Tender. The 2 Bids comprise of the:- a. Pre-Qualification Bid (PQ) b. Price Bid.
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